Monday, January 2, 2012

twelve in twentytwelve

In no particular order- 12 things I’d like to do/continue to do in 2012! 
  1. nurture my relationships with family & friends. write & send personal notes/cards more frequently.
  2. save for our trip to europe!
  3. update my blog design and blog more regularly—take advantage of scheduled/prewritten blogs.
  4. explore the amazing city I live in! san francisco has so much to see & do!
  5. take more pictures. with the addition of my new camera—I am eager to take and frame some of my own pictures for our apartment. take a photography class & buy Photoshop.
  6. learn to sew. make lots of pretty things.
  7. continue to run. sign up & train for another half marathon--beat 2:17. take a yoga class.
  8. go through my things & get rid of what I no longer need/use (sincerely ask myself, do I need it?)
  9. cherish my quality time with james & lola. i love them so much!
  10. grow as a person. challenge/educate myself. take an interest in something new- be opened minded.
  11. get involved! volunteer. give back.
  12. discover new recipes. 
there ya have it lovelies. what are you looking to accomplish in 2012? :)


(look at me- two posts, one day! #3)

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