Monday, February 13, 2012

have you seen her?

some MC Hammer to bring you back. 
haven't linked any music to my posts in a while--so why not. 

lack of creativity and pictures + a mix with no desire to blog-- well, you get another hiatus (one too many).
and with that, you'll get a dump of what I've been up to lately, 'ashley lately'

a few weekends back in january my bff'er ange & her bf came to SF and well after going through 200+ pictures-- here's our weekend! 

we spent most of the weekend playing tourist (i've seen the palace of fine arts + golden gate bridge and obscene number of times now) 

hiking over at eagle's point --something I loove to do with visitors. the views are pretty spectacular and the hiking is super fun!
and yes the middle picture is a faaaaaaav. they are too cute for words and the picture captures their personalities perfectly!

after having friends in town my little seeester came to visit. 

I had such a great time with her here-- I didn't want her to say goodbye! I am trying my damndest to get her to move to SF after graduation.

the following weekend we had james' dad & stepmom here back to back weekends between their skiing trip to mammoth. from there and in between we've had pretty jam packed weekends. this past-- was the first where it was just james & I and I couldn't of been happier to relax, make dinner and go to the movies ('safe house') 

I am happy to report that all of my pictures from my computer have been uploaded to my dropbox account -- which next I am going to tackle college pictures (which was oh-so fun scary --no seriously, so scary, ugh-- to look through) I was sharing with Aly-- who I know from college and we swore to not share any of those. and believe me I looked for some good ones-- there weren't any. what the heck was I thinking? short, blondish hair + light pink lipstick & eyeshadow and 15lbs. gross.

redo of college pictures, please? and my paint skills-- are awesome.

speaking of the movies. I, of course have to have popcorn (a must) and we got a diet coke and it was the first one I had since the beginning of the new year (even longer but my accounting of dates? awful) but honestly? I didn't enjoy it- at all. which I guess-- is a good thing. 

james and I went to a gala for an organization he is a part of and we were featured in the write up and well not only did they spell my name incorrect, but this is what happens when stretching a picture to fit a space goes wrong. awesome.

and with tomorrow being valentine's day-- I am beyond excited to see 'the vow' (like every other valentine-go'er, I'm sure) and I have a little somethingsomething planned for james.

and I leave you with some belly laughs! 

oxx & cupid arrows ;)


Young and Fabulous said...

i NEED to see the vow!!! im dying to! let me know how it is!

look at lil lola smiling in that pic with her tongue sticking out! such a smiley dog!

you and your sister are GORGEOUS!!

happy valentines day lovebug!!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha .... I love the stick figure of us ... I'm stealing that picture!! Ha!!

miss alyss said...

Did you see The Vow?? How was it?