Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so what

Lack of creativity-- and I love these (win/win)
-Haven't blogged in 6 days-- at least it's not seventeen (for some reason typing double digit numbers doesn't make it seem as long). 
-I finished off the carrot cake (for breakfast)-- Only 'leftovers' I reeeally like. And that I even had carrot cake for breakfast- uh, they serve it at Starbucks.
-Love that I have days where I can wear my hair in a topknot and scrubs to work.
-The rain and cold morning made it easier to hit snooze this morning and was part of the reason I decided to not run this morning (blogging instead, good trade off)
-Love concierge. I have been calling the concierge at the hotels I hope we're staying at in Hawaii to plan our activities and get all the details figured out. They're a wealth of information!
-I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything for the Super Bowl-- specifically because I don't wanna be tempted to eat wings, pizza, fries and drink beer. It's acceptable to eat salads and have a glass of wine for the SB behind closed doors.
-Finally got my watch and now I also want gold/rose gold one! Soooo cute.

oxx & finding creativity


Samantha said...

Oooh pics of your new watch?! I've been wanting a rose gold watch for so long!


Young and Fabulous said...

haha i love your superbowl food! I WANNA EAT A SALAD and not all the junky food! i got a 5k to run after all ;-)

i miss your blog posts so get back here baby G!!

blogging> running


Anonymous said...

i'm with you...superbowl sunday doesn't sound too exciting this year. But somehow or another we're still having a SB party... hopefully i'll eat healthier this year by resisting the pizza and wings!

Monica's Notebook said...

Girl, cake is always considered a perfectly nutritional breakfast choice :] and I totally agree about the superbowl! haha A salad and some wine sounds perrrrfecctttt!

Anonymous said...

I would do carrot cake for breakfast - I always pick it in a tea room or coffee ship, as the 'healthy option' ;) Lucky you going to Hawaii!