Tuesday, February 21, 2012

wednesday love

happy wednesday! one of my faaav days of the week!

loving.. >> adventures to wine country. for james' birthday on sunday, we drove over the golden gate bridge & spent the afternoon in sonoma- enjoying the weather & some wine together. we also joined their 'wine club' and I looooove that it gives us an excuse to visit more frequently! 

loving.. >> morning family walks. james & I have started a tradition-- starbucks & our weekend walks with lola. and how much does this picture melt your heart?? she's patiently waiting for her momma. my sweet lolabear. 

loving.. >> the humor behind this site. because we all ask that those questions... (while having google accessible) James loves to frequently send me this link. oops!

loving.. >> little things that make my heart smile. 

1thought gift from a friend who knows I blog (who also gave lola some new soft toys and james a new jcrew shirt & some franzia (inside joke)) 
2single roses from valentine's day on my nightstand 

loving.. >> red velvet cake. 
because-- finishing an entire cake this size (thank you costco), with hawaii 92 days (eeeekyay!) away-  is exactly what I should not* be doing. 

loving.. >> technology. if you follow me on twitter-- you would of seen my declaration of love for this app/website. hello- never carrying quarters. paybyphone meters- you.are.amazing.

since it's polite to ask-- what are you loving???



Europafox said...

The picture of your little dog waiting for you is so cute! We have a similar coffee run routine on a Sunday - I love the fact it's not rushed. Lucky you going on a wine trip!

Courtney said...

I love that shot of your sweet puppy waiting for you! Walks to Starbucks with my hubby and pup always brighten my day too :)

Bunnie said...

love this!! your puppy picture made me smile!!!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

A wine birthday celebration - sounds fun!!

Such a cute pic of the pup...