Tuesday, April 10, 2012

girls weekend!

I loooove when friends visit-- especially favorites. As I mentioned, some of my college bff'ers came to SF and we spent the weekend in the city and up St. Patty's Day up in Napa. (And because I can be vain- I wanted to make sure I didn't post any ugly pictures of me us (need a tan, stat). Because they totally could post some bad ones of me, I play fair.)

Michelle and Krissy came up late Thursday night and we just played catch up, with a few bottle glasses of wine. Friday: While Krissy had to work. Michelle and I played tourist as best as we could with the rain. Later in the evening- we had dinner plans at Isa. Ange's flight was delayed (because sfo always* has delayed flights in/out)- but we missed her at dinner and afterwards for drinks! 

Blaming the late start Saturday morning on the fact that we were up so late the night before. Finally we made it in the tiny Fiesta up to Napa (and of course the gps took us the completely wrong way, oh roadrips)
our resort for the night
We explored Napa via cab (woot for safety), and even though it rained, it didn't stop us from some photo-ops outside! However, it did prevent us from having a picnic with a view. So we took our cheese + goodies inside!
1st stop: Reynolds

For some reason the cabbies in Napa aren't very direction friendly and he wasn't sure where any of the wineries we wanted to visit were, so our last two destinations were determined by what we drove past. No complaints! 
2nd stop: pine ridge

Our final stop was Clos Du Val.
They had it right: green wine. And we were pretty excited! (hello, St. Patty's day!)

After a loooooooong afternoon of wine tasting (and cheese eating, ha) we headed back to our hotel. 
We lit a fire and enjoy it for... about as long as it took to take this picture.

....and proceeded do what any twenty-something girls would do before naps. 

Dinner. I can't even begin to explain how absolutely delicious our meal was. Everything was perfect about it.
From the bottle of wine we had recommended and the desserts that I would of preferred as a meal. 

(There was a table of two guys behind us and they were being the biggest creepers. they kept staring-- and wouldn't quit. really?)

Okay back to the food-- If you are even in Napa-- do yourself a favor and visit Redd. I could of ordered everything off the menu. Ange and I shared 3 different plates. mouth-watering deliciousness!
I can't find pictures of the desserts (and we consumed them before I could even consider taking a picture) but they were equally delicious. I can't wait to go back!! (hint hint james)

We rounded out the weekend with brunch + mimosas at the Tipsy Pig in the city.

It was such an amazing weekend with the girls!! I was so super sad to say goodbye to them. But I can't wait 'till our next trip! :) oh how I miss their faces!!

oxx & girl time

bam! two posts in a row...
but I really really despise how time consuming it is to watermark and edit photos. 


Rebecca said...

awesome post! love the pics =]

Faith said...

Such great pictures!! Love your outfits!! Looks like such a fabulous time! And I hate the amount of time it takes to watermark pictures too!! Damn creepers who must steal identities! :/

Miss K said...

what a fabulous weekend! i'm loving your bright jeans and scarves!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend...how fun!

Janna Renee said...

I LOVE Napa! I want to go back sooo bad!