Monday, April 9, 2012

weekend update!

happy monday lovelies!

I always hate to say goodbye to the weekend. We had some gorgeous weather and spent the majority of our time outside.

friday: since the weekend started a day earlier-- wootwoot! I ventured up to Mt Tamalpais with my friend Julie & while I was scared shitless from hearing noises that sounded like rattle snakes (there are signs pretty much everywhere to watch out for rattlesnakes)-- the views (and drive) were breathtaking.
driving up to the top
SF / golden gate bridge
saturday: while original plans were to head to the oakland A's home opener-- we decided we'd rather spend the afternoon outside! we jumped in the car and drove down to pacifica. 
my little poser
my new fav picture of lola!

sunday: we spent Easter in Sonoma. I love the drive over the golden gate bridge and since we joined the wine club we promised we'd head up to wine country more often. I packed us a picnic and it was pretty much the perfect afternoon. Plus who says no to wine? 

Told you we spent our entire weekend outside! Wouldn't of spent it any other way. No complaints here! Yay!

And on a completely random other note: I am soooooo so so so ecstatic-- I finally found a salon & a stylist I love. Yep. happy girl here. 

oxx & pretty weather


Faith said...

Love the pictures!! The scenery and views are incredible!! Your dog is adorable!

Raven said...

ok so many things to say. I need "watch out for rattlesnakes" signs all over my house. its almost snake season and those bastards come out like crazy!!

My first ever professional baseball game in person was the Oakland A's, in Oakland.

I love San Francisco and I want to be your IRL friend.

The end.