Thursday, April 26, 2012

lola here

hi there.
let me introduce myself. i'm lola.
my mom talks about me frequently on the blog. probably because I'm her favorite. and for the obvious reason, i'm adorable and my manners.

sure. nice to meet you.
i thought i'd tell you a little more about me!
i try to always look my best. i love bows in my hair. the pink ones are my favorite.
mom has given me a haircut or two.
which stopped after this...

but I do get baths at home
gosh, this doesn't even look like me
I'm not a fan of being blow-dryed.
what I go through for beauty

mom & dad pretty much take me every where. and we've shared a lot of memories in my almost 2 years.
i'll be 2 in may. can't wait to celebrate!
and to see this year's birthday outfit.
we go hiking by the ocean. i love the views, but it can be exhausting, my feet don't move as quickly as theirs.

wine country. not quite old enough to drink.
i'm not always invited in starbucks.
so I wait patiently outside

i love picnics in the park when the weather is warm
we moved across the country. twice. i'm really well-behaved in the car.
vegas to dc
dc to sf - seriously hope we're staying in sf
i even helped them pack!
can't forget my toys!

i really love to make new friends.
albus was my nye kiss
i show off my city to out of town guests.
nemo and i have a complicated relationship

when i'm home myself i hang out by the window.
or when mom and dad are hogging the couch (and remote)

did you know i tweet and facebook?
blogging is hard when you don't have thumbs
i have to earn my keep around the house somehow.
what mom and dad are having always smells better
i try to keep my figure and de-stress with exercise
always better with a buddy
or a game of fetch

or two

which usually requires a nap
or two
naps are always best with dad

i can be just a little camera shy

especially if I haven't hit the tanning beds

I try not to anymore.
I used to have such great color
that's okay. mom and dad love me regardless.
can't say no to this face

k time to play!
hope you pretty followers of mom have learned a little more about me.
i'm really excited that i could come and say hi!

doggy kisses


Melissa said...

hahah loved this post! So cute :) Hi Lola!

Unknown said...

Lola I think you can do better than Albus... just saying ;)

Holly said...

Love this guest post! So many cute photos! :)

B said...

omg i love this post! we were meant to be friends!

Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty said...

Oh Em Geeeee.... can she be any CUTER???? Seriously??? And your a doll! Love fuzzy little guys! xo

Girl with passion for all girly things said...

awww shes sooo cute :)