Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wednesday love

happy wednesday pretties!

loving >> the warm & sunny 80 degree weather we had this weekend in san francisco-- that has continued through this week!!

loving >> my pretty orchid plant that I picked up at Trader Joe's. I love having fresh flowers in the apartment! And this is a small trade off for buying new ones each week.

 loving >> Beach finds! this tote from zara that I'm excited to take with me to Hawaii!
loving >> hawaii in 28 days!! woot woot!! -- I can't believe how fast it came about -- you could say I'm just a little LOT excited.

loving >> my new cece ballet flats I ordered! they're on back order-- but with a discount and giftcards I only paid $12 dollars for them!! worth the wait, don't 'cha think?

loving >> essie nail polishes! currently crushing on a variation of these two :

polka dots + pinks
you'll be happy (or you won't -ha!) that I have started a post about our weekend. hopefully I'll have it up before this weekend! I seriously can't believe how many pictures I took.



Sami said...

Love those nail colors, my nails are pink too :)

Holly said...

Love your orchid, and your nail polish! :)
I always like the idea of buying potted flowers for inside, but I really don't like my chances of keeping them alive. Plants don't like me! :(