Friday, December 14, 2012

christmas traditions: holiday parties

Holiday Parties

1. Zara dress / 2. Teardrop Bib Necklace / 3. Sam Edelman / 4. J.Crew / 5. Bangles / 6. Via Spiga /  7. Erin Fetherston: Rent the Runway / 8. Henri Bendel / 9. ASOS / 10. Givenchy Drop Earrings

As a little girl, I always loved seeing my mom in something sparkly and my dad in a suit (I would totally scan the exact picture that pops up in my head, but that photo album is back in Ohio). I remember them being all dressed up for their round of Christmas parties and thinking I couldn't wait to grow-up so I could do just the same! Tonight James and I have our first Christmas party and I am excited (really excited!) to get all fancy and celebrate the holiday season with some friends!

If you haven't gathered, I love Polyvore (and just recently realized I can post directly from their site, genius). I am actually wearing the Zara dress and bib necklace tonight! I love the little bit of edge it brings with the leather sleeves. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures throughout the night on Instagram!

Any holiday celebrations this weekend? If so, what are you* wearing? Happy Friday!



Kate as of Late said...

I have the same memories as a little girl! That is so neat! Have fun at the party and enjoy getting ready! It is so much fun to dress up! You're going to look great!! :)

estetik said...

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