Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Maybe it's just me... but I probably could blog all. day. long.... no, seriously. It may come from the fact that I just enjoy talking?? (not to discredit the fact that I am a great listener!)

I am very excited that I am actually going to have someone help me design my blog. There are so many ideas going on in my brain and I really feel like I am in blog overload.

On a completely separate and random note : I am pretty sure I need to set aside my ocd and just post. I find that I have several saved posts just waiting to be finished... to be perfected and that is the beauty of blogging, it is whatever I want it to be! :) right? I question whether it's crazy to post more than 1 blog a day and if anyone will really want to read what I have to say... but that's not why I started my blog! I wanted an outlet, a place to share what's going on in my life with friends/family and join the community of bloggers!

Soooo...what I am saying is : I am excited to be on this journey and basically put my life out there to share! :) Enjoy!!!

(ps : I adlibbed my entire post, no editing..just raw information from yours truly!.... you should be proud!) :)


Cait said...

I'm jealous you're going to have someone help you design! i just started blogging last week, and mine blew up over night, as well as my obsession just sky rocketed! i could blog all day/everyday as well ;) so many great things to talk about! keep it up girl!

A Wedding Story said...

I love this! I could blog and blog stalk all day long. My husband gets so mad b/c I am on the computer all the time! Ha!

Ashley said...

It used to be celebrity gossip, now it's blogs. :) Guys can't win. Well they have sports!