Thursday, March 10, 2011

hot mess

If you haven't noticed.... (how could you not?) my blog is quite the hot mess. I am seriously embarrassed that it pretty much is stamped with 'trial' all over it. Very late last night (before my 4 hour cleaning binge.. yes I clean when stressed or when I need to occupy myself) my creative juices were flowing and I was using 'Artisteer' (nothing is free... so why in the world would I think a program to design my own blog would be? beats me), either way you get the idea! I can't really say 'coming soon' or make it any bit of a surprise at this point. I am excited for it to come together be look a little more normal... :)

I am ridiculously excited that tomorrow is Friday. This week has been so slow and I desperately need the weekend. I am ready to relax and just enjoy some time that is strictly dedicated to nothing (I normally don't do well with down time, it's impossible for me to sit still... so if I'm being completely honest, it's probably more like organizing/cleaning). :) I have been so strung out and on edge I maaay treat myself to a massage (what do you think?).

I also just realized that lent started this past Wednesday. I am so out of it that when I saw ashes on people's foreheads I wasn't able to put two and two together. (duh!) I haven't even thought about what I want to give up for lent (I usually go with biting my nails and pop and usually don't go more than a week before I start biting (I did give up pop and stopped for well over a year.. and actually last year I gave up shopping and saved a crap ton of money!)) any-who, I want to think about what I want to give up and actually make it something worth my while (believe me I'd LOVE to actually use all the nail polishes I have...but let's get real) Gonna think about that.

So I am pretty sure this blog is giving my computer viruses. I started getting weird messages and so I downloaded AVG and it found 3 infected files. (eeek!) I can only correlate it to my blog (booooo) because I am consistently surfing the web for pictures to post in conjunction of my blog entry (hence why you are just getting words for now). I feel a little more 'safe' now that I downloaded it and it is constantly asking me if I want to give this or that permission. (I guess that's the point of a anti-virus software, ha)

I am reeeeally (really really reeeeeeeeeeeally) excited to get my iPad2 tomorrow. (I decided on white!) I returned my iPad today and got really excited seeing all the promotion posters for the iPad2. Unfortunately they're not starting to sell them until 5pm and won't be camping out, so hopefully stores won't sell out and I can just walk across the street to Best Buy and get one (keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Wooooo hoooo for Friday tomorrow!! :)

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