Monday, August 29, 2011

oh monday

Morning loves and happy Monday! 

Whew! What a weekend. We had tons on our agenda and a veeeery long to-do list of shopping (can't complain about that!) for the apartment!

Friday morning I got a treat and my west coast bff'er, Ange came up to SF (from LA) with her boyfriend on his companion pass (Uhh, I desperately need one of these --She flies anywhere with him for FREEEEE!!)  We spent the day venturing around Union Square --surprisingly neither of us actually bought anything. (I'm in denial and won't buy sweaters, coats and boots, quite yet). Afterwards we all grabbed a drink at a local bar and they had to go back to LA... I can't wait for more visits!!

Saturday was spent shopping. Since James and I moved coasts with only shipping boxes and what fit in our car --we pretty much have to buy everything! We set out on a mission to get a mattress and TV (you know-- because football season is upon us). Luckily we found some really great deals!! I'll share pictures once we're in our apartment ... on THURSDAY!!!

Lola came along for the day (we wanted to make sure she could jump up onto the new bed). Which by the way-- I am thrilled how dog friendly San Fran really is!! And since shopping can be exhausted-- we got some food at Burger Bar.
James decided it would be a fantastic idea to get the 'world's hottest burger' and they made him sign a waiver. 

I, being the obsessive controlling loving girlfriend told him he better be honest if we can't eat it --and don't try. But he finished it --of course. Not to worry we got a pitch Blue Moon to wash it all down with. 

I took the traditional Burger Bar route and built my own burger and it was nothing short of delicious! Plus I love their onion rings + zucchini fries. I even surprised myself when I cleaned my plate! 

Pretty sure no one knew Lola was sitting next to me in the booth. Such a good pup (who needs a haircut!)

Sunday we ventured back to Costco to pick up our TV and James got some work done at his office. Later in the evening we went for a run around the city. I can't believe my 1st half marathon is only 4 months away. I'm not the fastest runner, but I knew I've been slacking and wanted to challenge myself. We ran for an hour and finished at 6.6 miles. Funny how amazing I felt afterwards. Time to get back on track!! 

Hopefully this week flies by-- I can't wait to move into our apartment!! 



Megan said...

Awwww, I wish that my city was as dog friendly! Although mine are quite a bit bigger than Lola! Haha!!

And a waiver for a burger?? That's insane!!

Lori said...

Your pup is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I can't believe she stayed quiet the entire time! And that is so awesome that your boyfriend finished a burger that he had to sign a waiver for.. my goodness.

New follower, please stop on by:

Sophie said...

Haha that burger waiver is hilarious. such an awesome idea. so impressive that your boyfriend ate the burger!

your weekend sounds perfect. i am so jealous you have moved to SF. i loved it so much when I went and visited.

Just found your blog, and so happy i did. im following xx

Young and Fabulous said...

omg worlds hottest burger! MY KINDA MAN! I love spicy stuff!! WOO for him finishing it!

Okay you are so so pretty i kinda hate you for it (except i dont hate you)

WOO for your marathon! Im also jealous for that. I cant run for the life of me aghhh!