Thursday, December 15, 2011

pretty nails

Every new years I make the resolution to stop biting my nails (gross, I know)
I am determined to not* make it a resolution and just stop doing it
-- but with a little help of pretty nail polishes and glitter.

oxx & pretty
ashley ;)


Ali said...

I bite my nails too!! I'm telling you, they're expensive, but fake nails are the way to go!! Plus, when you have them on for a while, if you decide to take them off, you've usually broken the habit of biting them by then!

Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh loooove! I gotta get on this one sparkly nail trend because its beaaaautiful!



Samantha said...

My nails look just like yours! I allllways get gel or acrylic nails though, and like Ali said... once you take them off, your real nails are longer! What I do THEN (because once my fake nails come off, I bite them all over again) is get a Shellac manicure. Your real nails with harder/stronger polish that lasts for at least two weeks. Yes it's pricey, but it is my one guilty indulgence that I MUST do every few weeks! :)


Lauren said...

I've never been a nail biter... So I can't even fathom it but I wish you the best on this endeavor - you can do it!!

Jessica said...

I'm a nail biter too! I just can't help it. I think it's a nervous thing. Good luck with your goal! I might make it mine too!

Elle Sees said...

omg how cute is your pup?? what kind is it? he/she looks like my little Morkie.
and i bite my nails too. ugh.
PS: Just a few hours left to enter my STYLEMINT GIVEAWAY for 5 shirts.

Dree said...

Ooh your nails look so pretty! I really love the look of painting the ring finger with glitter. Gorgeous!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I used to bite my nails too, then my cousin who is a nurse gave me a huge lecture on why I shouldn't bite my nails and how there's a lot of bacteria and dirty under our nails, well that pretty much did it for me. Lol. But wearing pretty nailpolish helped me quit biting my nails too.