Thursday, April 19, 2012

these are my confessions

these are my confessions.. (who doesn't think of that usher song? part II -of course)

1 >> I may currently have an Usher playlist going on spotify-- because of my blog post title. 8701 anyone? Oh and I may have gone to his concert back in 2001.

2 >> Actually looking forward to work* saturday morning. Yes, a saturday morning 7:15 case nonetheless. 

3  >>  Walked to and from from my apartment from the parking garage space three times this week because I forgot my headset and I love talking on the phone while driving. safety first. 

4  >>  Parked 'illegally' Wednesday morning-- street cleaning signs 9a-11a clearly marked-- and came back to a ticket-free (and lonesome parked) car. thank you parking karma.

5  >>  James & I are trying to not spend any money on food (or shopping) during the week. Honestly? I prefer to cook at home anyways.

6  >>  Realized through our 'hawaii preparations' that I have a lot more self-control that I thought (or even imagined). but I am craaaving thai food.

7 >> I'm so (so so so) indecisive-- I ordered 26 bathing suits from Victoria's Secret. Please tell me you've done this too?

8 >> I would die (rachel zoe style) to be a food network star. a girl can dream.

9 >> We have a fun weekend planned (oysters/drinks in sausalito + napa) with friends in town. I've already started to plan my outfits. Plus-- the weather is suppose to be in the 80's. ahhhmazing.

10 >> I miss picnik -- but I've warmed back up to power point (put that college knowledge (and dollars) to work)

11 >> I looove watching 'the herd' Colin Cowherd in the morning with James while having breakfast and coffee. And Chatsports'ing.

12 >> Have a new favorite real housewife: heather.
and-- she's brunette 
13 >> Since moving to San Francisco-- I have been getting really weird anxiety about random things. example one: earthquakes and getting trapped in a. our parking garage b. in a tunnel c. on a bridge 

14 >> My sewing machine? still sitting in the box. oops.

now? I realize there are a few things I should add to my 'to do' list. and thank goodness tomorrow is friday! yay
what are your confessions?



Miss K said...

i can't believe you ordered so many suits! ha ha ha which ones and how many did you end up keeping?

Holly said...

That is...quite a lot of swimsuits! LOL! I can't say I have ever done that, but I hope you found some to keep! :)

Erin said...

omg! you are like my west coast sister, my car radio is ALWAYSSSSS on ESPN radio.

Laura J said...

I mean literally 26 suits? Girlfriend you are one step away from bikini hoarding. I put roughly 30 in my shopping basket and then leave the site because I cant make a decision. Those pesky emails they send me saying "Looks like you forgot something in your shopping basket" is such a tease! Which did you end up choosing? Also, I would LOVE to be on the Food Network. I think Ina Garten and I could be best buds.

Little Missy Me said...

hoemgee, twenty-six swimsuits! I have trouble even choosing one!

betterwithfreckles said...

26 suits?? I just died laughing!! Although I do think you have one in that pile that I've been eyeing.

Katie said...

Team Heather all the way!

MessyDirtyHair said...

Hi! Stopping by from the linkup! I confess fridays are my favorite! i am dying over all the victoria secret suits you bought...i do the EXACT same thing!!! love it!

xo Kelly

Hilary Lane said...

Heather's a fav of mine, too! & have you tried any of the VS suits with the underwire? If you have, do you like them?

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Heather is my favorite too! It's like she's seen enough of the shows to know what's up. And she's just freakin adorable!

26!!! WOW girl! I've probably ordered about 10 in a summer, but you've got me beat. I love the VS bikinis though...

Cassie said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!! :)
Following back my dear!