Sunday, December 30, 2012

two thousand twelve : top 12

2012 has brought some amazing memories and I'm welcoming 2013 with a full heart! I can't wait for the new year and all the exciting things to come (becoming a mrs.!) 

Here's a glimpse of all the wonderful things that happened in twenty-twelve. Enjoy!

january: one of many visits from my west coast bestie.  // part one of convincing my little sister brittany to move to SF after graduaton. 
february: celebrated james' birthday with great friends. // played tourist around SF with james' dad & stepmom 
march: celebrated my 1st of many 29th birthdays. // girls trip to napa.
april: explored the bay area and found some new hikes with breathtaking views. day trips to wine country. // yearup baseball game. dates and trips with friends
may: happiest day of my life, james & I got engaged!! hawaii for a 'engagementmoon' // my baby lola turned 2!
june: daytime (and windy) fun with friends. // michelle's visit to SF. 
july: first time camping on angel island. // hiked to a beer garden in the middle of the woods. my favorite holiday: 4th of july! 

august: giant's game and gorgeous SF weather while watching america's cup. 
september: ohio for wedding plannng, booked out venue! // cowboys classic and our first time in texas. // julie's 30th // my mom's visited SF. 
october: blue angel's and park days. // miami to visit michelle!
november: girls' trip to LA // hiked around the bay. continue to be amazed by the amazing city we live in! and so thankful for all our blessings. 
december: vegas to celebrate robin's 30th // christmas time and lots of quality time spent with james and lola. 

What a year!! Cheers to a happy* and healthy* 2013!


Brooke said...

Girls trip to Napa-Love it!

Happy New Year,


Young and Fabulous said...

YOUUUU had the best year gorgeous girl!!!! esp teh engagement ;-) I am hoping 2013 is the YEAR OF THE RING for me!!

happy new years to you james an lolabear!!


Unknown said...

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Zoe said...

Heyyy Ashley, I just nominated you for a Liebstar Award as one of my favorite bloggers I'm following! Check out my link for the details :)


Ashley said...

girl you had some AWESOMEEEE moments in 2012 but seriously....i just want your hair!!

Unknown said...

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