Friday, April 29, 2011

friday confessional

Oh boy!! I am excited this morning that it's Friday & the sun is shining

I confess that I don't want to make this confession...  I haven't done a great job of holding myself accountable to my 'training' and 'healthy eating'. Pretty sure the last trip to Harris Teeter included a canister of salt & vinegar pringles! (boooo) ...I am a little disappointed in myself and I think the rain and horrible weather didn't help along with being locked inside with nowhere to turn but my pringles (yes, I'm making excuses....)

I confess that I am cleaning out closets and trying on things to get rid of and I'm finding that i'm fitting into stuff that I don't want to fit.... Ugh. Really!

I confess that I recorded the royal wedding and I found it thrilling to see all the traditions. And I thought Kate looked absolutely beautiful! (and I loved all the hats...)

I confess that James and I have considered getting another puppy and I'm debating if I reeeeally want to take the attention away from my sweet little Lola. (and if I want to go through potty training again..) But I'd love for her to have a brother/sister to give her some puppy companionship.

I confess that I have a little bit of baby fever. 

I confess that I don't get calories/carbs/sodium... it irritates me that proportions do not match the nutritional information... You know what I mean!

I confess that I desperately (you know it's bad when your bf notices and even offers to pay for it!) need a haircut. My hair is in that weird/blah/extremely dead stage and I've used my straightener for the first time in probably years... It won't hold a curl. Surprisingly the only benefit is the part that I have been rockin' :)

I confess that my eyebrows look a hot mess. I get them threaded and the last time I did, the lady went in a little too far and I'm trying to regrow my eyebrows in that portion of my brow... awesome

I confess that I fully plan on spending my friday night in the tub with a movie, a glass (or two) of moscoto & bath bombs. Ahhh :)
if you haven't tried their products, you're missing out! 
cute label and delicious!
I confess that I am really excited my following is growing (eek yay!!!!) and that I am finding soooo so so many great new blogs that I now follow daily! I truly appreciate all the sweet comments and getting to know everyone through the world of blogging! :)

Have a great weekend lovelies! :)


Jeannie said...

LOVE salt and vinegar!!! :)

thanks for sharing!

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

I was thinking this week that I seriously need an eyebrow wax..they are scury!

VandyJ said...

I gingerly pluck my own eyebrows--that's probably why they have no real shape.
I love salt and vinegar chips of any sort--but the salt is not my friend. I hate watching salt in things because it's everywhere, even places you don't think would have salt--there it is. and I really don't like having to do math to figure out the total amount of salt in a package.

Date Girl said...

I tweezed my eyebrows so much when I was younger that now they barely grow in. I guess it's good and bad. Good that I don't have to pluck, bad because I can never reshape them and I'm stuck with what I've got!

I've been there with the haircuts. My hubby says my hair is getting "mulletish" when it's time for a trim. YIKES!

I've had baby fever lately too. They are just everywhere!

Stacie said...

I love salt and vinegar chips, and I don't even think I knew Pringles mad any!

And the puppy might help you put off the baby fever for a while..

I've heard about eyebrow threading but it scares me. Is it more painful than waxing?