Wednesday, April 18, 2012

happy wednesday

happy wednesday!
time has been flying by lately-- but for some reason this week is dragging a little slower. 
coffee helps. 

I'm loving >> sunshine & shopping
Saturday morning after our ritual long morning walk with Lola we headed south to Palo Alto. 
The weather has been beautiful and I love me some outside mall shopping (who am I kidding? I love any kind of shopping) We (and by we, I mean James-- I shop solo) picked up some new stuff for Hawaii (eek!)
nail polish : essie : play date
and how absolutely adorable is little Lola? love her. And she's in need for another haircut & new bows.

I'm loving >> getting excited over silly little things
I tweeted out my leopard Bridget's (above) to Shoemint (and my fav yellow pants, if you hadn't noticed). and I thought it was pretty darn exciting when I got a re-tweet. (hello Rachel Bilson, want to be my bestie?)
may have squealed- just a little

I'm loving >> double dates!
Later Saturday night we doubled with our friends lauren & matt for cocktails and dinner.
we tried absinthe- which I've been itching to go to.. and I'm glad we did! it was deeeelicious and a super fun atmosphere. 

and to think- i just cut another 4 inches off!


I'm loving >> vacation preparation 
Working out & eating healthy have been top priority over here. I've mixed it up with P90X, running and Jillian Michael DVDs. James and I also been following the '4hour body' eating plan (which is similar to the paleo diet) and doing as much gluten-free as humanly possible. I feel amazing and well I'm seeing the change in my body (and how my clothes fit).
no filter

I'll share a post last this week (or so) with the bathing suits and some other fun beach stuff I have together for Hawaii. I seriously can't wait. Gonna start working on a list of things I want to see/do while in Hawaii. suggestions are always welcomed..

I'm loving >> visitors!
This upcoming weekend-- we have some friends in town from Ohio. Excited to spend the day in wine country and I always have fun exploring san francisco! 

Ahh-- let's hope May gets here quick. 

oxx & time travel


Anonymous said...

Love those leopard shoes!! Great that you got a retweet - so fun :)

Fash Boulevard said...

I totally agree with shoemint. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

Melissa said...

Those shoes are fab! And what a cute lil pup :)

Holly said...

Love your nail polish, and yes, Lola is definitely very adorable. :)