Saturday, December 31, 2011

top eleven

it's the last day of 2011-- can't believe how quick the year went by. within this year so many wonderful things have happened-- lots of change, which I welcomed wholeheartedly. 
and because tonight rings in a new year-- I'm going to share some (seriously so difficult to decide!) of my faaaav moments of 2011
1. spent the beginning of 2011 with friends on the sunny beaches of st. petersburg, fl. 
2. james' surprise 30th birthday costa rica
3. little sister brit visited me in dc
4. bestie robin came to visit
5. renee got married
6. moved out west to san francisco
7. visited west coast bestie in hollywood
8. labor day weekend in napa
9. partied like a rockstar
10. surprise mimosas
11. completed my first half marathon in vegas 

of course- can't leave out this sweet pup

what were your favorite 2011 moments??
cheers to a happy and healthy 2012 filled with lots of joy, love and prosperity!

oxx & champagne toasts!
ashley ;)

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love your review!! You have had an AWESOME year, Ash!! So proud of you! And happy for you!! Hopefully I'll be added to the list for "seeing Aly" in 2012 :)